About company

DRUZHBA AGRO-IF Limited Liability Company stalled its operations in 2018 and has been increasing its potential and developing in the agricultural sector every year. The difficult wartime for our country made it possible to understand how strong the team is and the desire to reach new heights and support the country and people on the way to victory.

The company is doing its best to support Ukraine's economy and diligently provides agricultural products, jobs and budget revenues.

A responsible and professional team, combined with powerful and up-to-date equipment, is able to achieve any goals.

It is thanks to the people who are dedicated to their work that DRUZHBA AGRO-IF LLC provides quality products that are in demand among European countries and are competitive both in the domestic and foreign markets.


Our company currently cultivates 3,000 hectares of land in the most fertile and favourable areas of the Western region of Ukraine.

Thanks to the use of modern agricultural technologies (such as GPS systems) that allow us to control all sowing processes, powerful machinery that ensures uniform germination thanks to extremely precise calibration and high-quality European fertilisers, our harvest volumes are growing every year.

In order to carry out all stages of work in a timely manner, from pre-sowing to harvesting and selling the crop, DRUZHBA AGRO-IF LLC has its own quality agricultural machinery and trucks.

Our own vehicle fleet provides us with greater opportunities to operate as efficiently as possible.


Our products comply with international standards. It is stored in specially equipped warehouses.

It regularly undergoes numerous laboratory tests and receives all the necessary phyto and veterinary certificates.